How to Buy a Home | The Loan Process and Checklist

How to Buy a Home? 
get familiarized with The Loan Process 

There are 5 steps to the Loan Process

 How to Buy a home Step 1-Pre-Qualification
How to Buy a home Step2 Pre-Approval 
How to Buy a home Step 3 Processing 
How to Buy a home Step 4-Underwriting 
How to Buy a home Stepe 5 Closing Celebration 
Download the Home Buyer Guide now and get familiarized with what To Do, and what Not To Do.

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Documents required vary from loan to loan, but generally the following are required on all loans to start your Pre-Approval process. We look forward to helping you buy and finance your new home like we did hundreds of clients. See our Testimonials here.

  • Documents needed  for a New Nome Mortgage
    the 2-2-2-2
    A. 2 years W2’sB. 2 years 1040 Tax returns ALL PAGES and schedules 
    Self employed include 2 years 1120 Business Return with ALL SCHEDULESC. 2 pay stubs, most recent ones. 2 months’ statements for Liquid Assets: ALL PAGES
    Checking, Savings, Stocks, Bonds, Annuities, IRA’s, 401K, etc
  • Employment history and current information for the last 2 years
  • Personal identification, including Green Card if applicable
  • Purchase contract
  • Other pertinent items such as: Bankruptcy Discharge Notice or Divorce Decree
  • Completed loan application

See below a chart for: Loan Limits, Loan amounts, Debt to Income Ratios,  and Credit Scores

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