How to Buy a Home | The Loan Process and Checklist

How to Buy a Home? 
get familiarized with The Loan Process 

There are 5 steps to the Loan Process

 How to Buy a home Step 1-Pre-Qualification
How to Buy a home Step2 Pre-Approval 
How to Buy a home Step 3 Processing 
How to Buy a home Step 4-Underwriting 
How to Buy a home Stepe 5 Closing Celebration 
Download the Home Buyer Guide now and get familiarized with what To Do, and what Not To Do.

Documents required vary from loan to loan, but generally the following are required on all loans to start your Pre-Approval process. We look forward to helping you buy and finance your new home like we did hundreds of clients. See our Testimonials here.

  • Documents needed  for a New Nome Mortgage
    the 2-2-2-2
    A. 2 years W2’sB. 2 years 1040 Tax returns ALL PAGES and schedules 
    Self employed include 2 years 1120 Business Return with ALL SCHEDULESC. 2 pay stubs, most recent onesD. 2 months’ statements for Liquid Assets: ALL PAGES
    Checking, Savings, Stocks, Bonds, Annuities, IRA’s, 401K, etc
  • Employment history and current information for the last 2 years
  • Personal identification, including Green Card if applicable
  • Purchase contract
  • Other pertinent items such as: Bankruptcy Discharge Notice or Divorce Decree
  • Completed loan application

See below a chart for: Loan Limits, Loan amounts, Debt to Income Ratios,  and Credit Scores

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