Are you self-employed?

Being an entrepreneur and trying to obtain a mortgage can be difficult.  No matter how successful your company is, banks, credit unions, and “big box” lenders make it difficult for you to get the money and terms you need!

The mortgage industry is this “one size fits all” scenario.  It looks for borrowers that have worked at the same job for 10 years, never had a late payment, a 10% debt to income ratio, and no ambitions of owning your own business!

That is not the reality today.  1099 or self-employed borrowers are now the norm.  According to Inc. Magazine, almost 46% of US households have a responsible party on a mortgage that is self-employed.  What are your options?

We get you the mortgage that we get for ourselves. Every professional in our office is self-employed. Having worked with 1000s of self-employed borrowers through the years we know the in’s and out’s to getting the best terms, pricing, and cash flow you need. You don’t have to fit in a box.

  • No paystubs?  No problem.
  • Over an 80% LTV(loan to value)?  No problem.
  • Have a ding on your credit here and there?  No problem, that is called being an entrepreneur.
  • Need to use bank statements to qualify?  No problem, we can get that done.
  • Need a mortgage and a commercial loan?  No problem.
  • Need to do cash out to help with cash flow in your business?  No problem.

Do you see a trend?  We create rules when it comes to self-employed borrowers.  We know the terrain and the lenders that want your business. Let’s customize a plan that meets your business and personal needs.  Simply click the link and set a 10-minute consultation.  That way we can review your business and personal plan and get started.