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How to Buy A Home 
even if you don't know HOW  to get started...

 How to Buy a Home in today's  market even if you don't think you can
   The top 7 things you must know and have in place BEFORE going to look at homes
    The 5 things you should Never Do that could risk you losing your dream home 

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We walk you through the Home Buying Process.

If You are a 1st Time Home Buyer Come to class to receive a $450 certificate towards an appraisal when applying and closing a mortgage with us.
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The biggest mistakes #Millennials are making is NOT buying a home.
We want to help you buy your 1st home, or be honored to financed you 2,3 home like we did with over 1000 Home Buyer clients.

By the way guys... you are falling behind the girls, buying a home... Time to catch up.
First time home buyer class Last Saturday of the month.
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The Home Loan Process
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Download The Home Buyer Guide here.

You may want to attend the 1st Time Home Buyer Class and download the Home Buyer Guide. Both could be an invaluable asset when you are thinking of buying a home. 

Knowing EXACTLY what home price you are qualified to buy is crucial. You can check the Mortgage Calculators here and play with the numbers. The best one is Rent vs. Own. 
You can find more resources here
Shopping for a home

Once you know what home price you qualify to buy, the fun time begins. You want to have a Professional Real Estate Agent, who will be representing you, (not the seller).